Some of our work in adhesions, adhesion prevention, pelvic pain and related conditions, as well as COVID-19

The following works represent or contain contributions by Synechion, Inc., or its principal, Dr. David Wiseman during previous appointments with other companies.


Treatment and prevention of early disease before and after exposure to COVID-19 using hydroxychloroquine: A protocol for exploratory re-analysis of age and time-nuanced effects: Update based on initial dataset review. Wiseman DM., Kory P., Mazzucco D., Ramesh M.S., Zervos M. medRxiv 2020:08.19.20178376. Epub Oct 9 .

Possible synergistic effects of hydroxychloroquine and steroids in COVID-19, time for a nuanced approach. Comment on Arshad et al. Wiseman DM. Int J Infect Dis: 2020. Epub 2020 Jul 1

Rapid Deployment Reduce Load & Secondary Peak, multi stage, population nuanced, COVID-19 Strategy, based on scoping review. V9.9.Wiseman DM.


Metaanalysis of the safety and efficacy of an adhesion barrier (Interceed TC7) in laparotomy. Wiseman D, Trout JR, Franklin RR, Diamond MP. J Reprod Med 1999; 44:325-31.

Adhesiolysis: A reanalysis of the AHRQ Report on Chronic Pelvic Pain. Wiseman D.

Disorders of adhesions or adhesion-related disorder: monolithic entities or part of something bigger--CAPPS? Wiseman D Semin Reprod Med 2008 ;26:356-6 Full paper here

Advances, Retreats and Challenges in Adhesions Research. Wiseman D. Innova 2016; 2:7-29.

Pelvic Pain
Reduction of Chronic Pelvic, Urological and GI Pain Using Wearable Therapeutic Ultrasound in Women with Extended Follow-Up to 17 Months.Wiseman D, Petree T. International Pelvic Pain Society Meeting, Orlando, October 117-19, 2013

Impact of Approved Drug Labeling on Chronic Opioid Therapy Wiseman DM.Public Hearing; Request for Comments: Docket FDA-2012-N-1172 [Web Page]. 2013 Mar 29. Available on

Can CDC Guidelines on Opioid Use Be Applied to Patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain? Wiseman DM.J Min Invas Gynecol 23; S82-83 (2016). Available here.

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