About Synechion, Inc.

Synechion is derived from the Greek word synechia meaning an adhesion, reflecting our focus on the science and business of the single most important complication of surgery and a significant medical problem. But perhaps it also reflects our reputation for tenacity in dealing with not only the tough product development problems that others shy away from, but also the wider issues of our field of work.

We set up the world's first advocacy and research organization that unified our understanding of the constellation of conditions of adhesions, pelvic pain, interstitial cystitis and IBS, we termed CAPPS. We have addressed public policy issues related to CAPPS, co-founded the world's first CAPPS clinic and conducted pioneering work on the treatment of pelvic, urologic and other pain with a wearable therapeutic device through a new company KevMed, LLC. With a number of biological similarities, we have now turned our attention to COVID-19 where we have started to make inroads into its prevention and are now looking to address post-COVID syndrome or "long COVID."

Synechion, Inc. provides a broad range of professional services related to the development and commercialization of medical products reflecting over 39 years of research, development, and business experience in the pharmaceutical and medical arena by its principal, David Wiseman Ph.D.

Dr. Wiseman is an accomplished and recognized expert in the science and business of prevention of surgical adhesions with general expertise in preclinical, clinical, regulatory, and marketing aspects of medical products.
Since Synechion was founded in 1996, we have played a part in the development of a large number of anti-adhesion products, a number of them reaching clinical trials and market.

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